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Hospitality is a sector like no other. Fast paced, dynamic, seductive and exciting, with both the highest expectations and most relentless commercial challenges. Mainly though, it’s an industry where the fortunes of businesses entirely depend on their people.

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We are an international, specialist hospitality executive search company that puts people at the heart of everything we do. At Hartstone Rochette, we don’t see people as merely commodities, but interesting, capable, talented and unique individuals. Complex and nuanced professionals we enjoy working with to develop their companies and their careers, often over many years.

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Whether it’s a pioneering hospitality company looking to expand, or a gifted professional seeking opportunities, we’re always focused on finding the right path to success. Accelerating the fortunes of brands through sourcing the right teams, and helping find that perfect next career step for the best in the sector is what we do.

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The Hartstone Rochette team is a diverse, talented and tightly knit group of expert hospitality search and recruitment specialists hailing from all over the world, and based in four different countries – the UK, France, the US & the UAE
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Their intimate knowledge of the marketplace and the people they work with is, in our opinion, outstanding and it always delivers the best results to us.

Emma Jayne,
Director of Human Resources
The Dorchester & 45 Park Lane former

I’ve been in hospitality for over 35 years, and rarely come across people as gifted as Elsa Maitrehenry. She makes the process of finding fantastic candidates effortless, and takes real pride in championing people’s careers, mine included. Elsa and her team are just great assets to the recruitment business. Thank you

Claude Rath, General Manager, Hotel Napoléon Paris

"Liz and Guillaume are the executive search dream team. No matter how nuanced or complex the brief, they deliver!"

Alan Yau

"Thank you for sharing your very exciting news, I am so pleased for you and thrilled that you have brought together such an impressive team around you. I wish you every success with the new company, I have no doubt you will build the leading executive search business in the industry! Congratulations, I look forward to monitoring developments"

Andrew Hedley CEO Canouan Group

"Hartstone Rochette relate to sophisticated needs concerning talent acquisitions and career aspirations. They are savvy people who have kept a very personal touch."

Didier Souillat - CEO Timeout Markets

"Congratulations Liz, wishing you all success with this new venture and continuing to be the “go to” person you have always been for our industry!"

Michael Gray Founding Partner Gray Matters and retired Area Vice President Hyatt International Hotels

"From the opening of the first Zuma, I’ve relied on Guillaume to acquire most of our key management and executive team members. With his unrivalled network, rigorous process and expert screening, when Guillaume tells me to meet someone, I do."

Rainer Becker Co-Founder - Azumi Limited

“Guillaume a su être l’étincelle déterminante dans ma carrière il y a plus de 15 ans, tout comme moi, les sociétés dans lesquelles il m’a placé n’ont eues qu’à se féliciter de l’avoir consulté. Sa capacité à gérer des dossiers de recrutement de cadres et cadres supérieurs est unique à mon sens, il sait tirer parti de sa propre analyse humaine et propose le juste poste à la juste personne, un talent rare.”

Stephane Jitiaux – CEO Pouchkine International

"Is there anyone in the world of hospitality Guillaume and Liz don’t know? I’m not sure. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Sven Koch - CEO Azumi Limited

"Over the years, the pleasure of working with Elsa Maitrehenry and Pauline Guillemin has remained intact. Their expertise in the hotel market, their expert advice and their understanding of the, sometimes, complex internal organisations is a real asset. Thank you very much for their patience, integrity and professionalism. A loyal supporter undoubtedly!"

Claudia Raulhac-Oudjani Head of Human Resources - LVMH Hôtel Management

Roles & Sectors

Whether it’s for the world’s leading restaurant and food retail brands, or the finest hotels and clubs we can seek out the right candidate for whatever C Suite or Senior Director role you’re looking to fill.

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Email us at info@hartstonerochette.com with some information and how best to contact you, and one of the team will get back to you. Alternatively, call us on +44 (0)20 7637 0088.

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US and UAE Representatives

Our Satellite Offices in the US & in the UAE give us a formidable operational network, extending our reach to be truly international. If you're looking for US or UAE based talent for your business, or seeking an opportunity in these areas, please do get in touch. We can help you find the right solution.


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